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What is it?

Insight Focused Therapy is an exciting new integrative model of counselling developed by Pauline Skeates therapist and trainer of Auckland New Zealand.

IFT is an integrative model of therapy which draws from the latest salient discoveries in neuroscientific research, mindfulness studies and principles of neuroplasticity. These, together with concepts from Attachment Theory, Coherence Theory, Developmental Theory, and Polyvagal Theory are integrated into a cohesive and practical therapeutic process.

You will find this method is simple to use and inspiring as it empowers you towards life changing personal revelations and insights. Insights that have sustaining impact in all arenas of life.

The IFT process, with its focus on acceptance, kindness and compassion assists in calming the reactivity of the fight and flight response, enabling new insights to emerge, in the stillness of acceptance.