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Seminars and workshops

Insight Focused Therapy

Insight Focused Therapy is a new integrative model of counselling developed by Pauline Skeates and her team from Auckland New Zealand.
In this approach Skeates utilises aspects of the latest neuroscience research from Siegel, LeDoux, Schore and Cozolino together with principles of Attachment, Coherence and Clean Language Theories. These and other principles have been integrated and shaped into an easy-to-use, non-directive method of counselling that highlights and enhances present moment awareness. Individuals are able to bypass automatic defences, opening the door for expanded consciousness and life changing insights to emerge.


This seminar will give you valuable insight into how to understand the effects of stress from a theoretical perspective and teach you how to benefit from ‘cutting edge’ research about this subject. Pauline has developed an integrated lifestyle approach to stress reduction that will, we believe, make a radical difference in the way that you and your clients reduce and manage stress.


This seminar has been designed to help people learn specific skills for developing awareness. It is intended for self-help users to work through, either individually or as a group. The seminar is designed to inform you about the powerful and life changing tools of mindful awareness and contains information, tools and exercises to enhance awareness.


Our seminars on the subject of communication are informative and life-changing.
Come and discover the advantages of effective communication and the pitfalls of poor communication.
Learn the skills necessary to improve your relationships, office situation, church or family setting.
Improve your self esteem as you learn to express yourself and have an effective ‘voice’ in your situation.


If you have been feeling that your relationships need to be improved, this seminar is for you.
It incorporates principals from systems theory into a biblically sound frame-work. You will be encouraged to consider personal responsibility as the key for precipitating vital and life-giving change and to move toward a more caring and loving community life.

Working with groups

Insight International offers therapeutic seminars that utilize group-work and also provides training for group leaders.
The training includes education about group dynamics, roles, and systems and explores the participants personal involvement with groups leading to greater self awareness and subsequent increased effectiveness as a group leader.

Insight International Teams are available to visit your group in most countries.
Bookings are essential well in advance so that our visit to you fits with a planned teaching/ministry tour or a specific unique visit.
Some travelling costs will be included in our fee.
Please contact Sandy Fabrin at the New Zealand base office of Insight International about Pauline’s availability on:

Creative Therapy

There are many ways of using creative means for therapeutic ends.
These include harnessing a wide variety of expressions e.g. painting, writing, clay-work, music or movement with the safe and boundaried guidance of a trained therapist or therapeutic team. Giving expression to those aspects of self which we don’t necessarily immediately have words for, can open up new levels of awareness and insights about ourselves and our stories.     Sensitively facilitated specialized creative therapy sessions, days or 2 day seminars are available to groups or individuals.
Art Therapy groups have been running in New Zealand for 3 years and now will be available at certain times in Europe.

Ministry days for encouragement, healing and inspiration

If you or your group are in need of some fresh input and encouragement, our teams are available to visit your locality to minister the Word of God, provide inspirational thoughts, to pray with you and to help with conflict resolution and support on a personal or group level.