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Pauline Skeates


Pauline Skeates is the director of Insight-International and developer of Insight Focused Therapy. She leads the work internationally and in New Zealand as well as being the founder and director of the busy Auckland therapy centre Insight Counselling Services.

She is the proud mother of three children and Gma to her beautiful granddaughter.

Her years of experience and her vibrant and informative teaching style have earned her a reputation as a speaker in Austria, England, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, The Faroe Islands, and New Zealand.

Counselling sessions are available either face to face in certain countries or via Skype.

Pauline Skeates @ 100 Euro per hour

Please contact Pauline under:

Sandy Fabrin

RGON, B. COUNS, NZCCA, Family Court Registered Counsellor

Sandy works in private practice with Insight Counselling Services in Auckland, New Zealand.
Her particular interest is to use creative means for therapeutic ends,
facilitating a healing process incorporating principals of Insight Focused Therapy.

Sandy tailor fits her therapeutic approach to suit the needs of each
individual.  Her approach can also incorporate Art Therapy.  For
those specifically interested in Art Therapy, Sandy offers individual
and or group sessions.

Together with Pauline Skeates, Sandy has co-authored workbooks on the
topics of Relationships, Self-awareness and Personal Growth.
All books are available upon request.

She is now managing two new exciting Insight International schools in Copenhagen and Spain.
Sandy is the mother of four relentlessly creative, adult, children.

Counselling sessions are available either face to face in certain countries or via Skype.

Sandy Fabrin @ 100 Euro per hour

Please contact Sandy under:


Amy Skeates