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We have a vision to take the resources that have been developed by Pauline Skeates and Insight International, to people in countries that might find it difficult to pay for our services.
In particular we have in mind the countries of Hungary, Poland and Romania.
The counselling tool, Insight Focused Therapy, is easy to use, facilitates deep and lasting change and is a compassionate method that brings healing and a profound awareness of God to people. The principals of this therapy are easily translatable across different cultures, as we have seen over the last several years.
There are also others much closer to home who for various reasons cannot afford to attend our seminars or buy our materials.
We would love to be able to offer them sponsorship to enable them to do so.
This is an opportunity for you to help us to make this dream come true.
If you would like to make a one-off donation or donate an amount on a regular basis, please do so into the following account:

Insight-International: Raika Maxglan, BLZ 35054; Kontonr.: 104182
IBAN: AT563505400000104182, BIC: RVSAAT2S054 (SWIFT)

Thank-you for becoming co-workers with us, in this important work of God.