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Discover IFT

You begin the IFT process by first turning the focus of your attention to the presenting issue in a mindful way - curious, loving, open, accepting and kind. The acceptance, compassion and kindness inherent within the IFT process calms and sooths your anxious and defensive automatic responses. With focused attention on your present moment awareness, you follow the trail unfolding before you, noticing and describing as you go.  And along the way, you are gathering, collecting and organising lost and disassociated implicit memories, intergrating them into a coherent whole where new insights emerge.  These life-defining moments usher in life-changing benefits accross all arenas of your life.

Components of IFT

In our training you will learn aspects of the latest neuroscience research drawn from experts such as: Siegel, Schore, LeDoux, Cozolino, Porges, Kabit-Zin and others, together with the principles of Attachment Theory, Fixed Point vs Emergent Living, Coherence and Clean Language Theories, biological principals and spirituality.   

You will also learn how to use the principals of IFT to take mastery of your life and make the most out of what it is to be human.