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Esther Jansen

Esther Jansen coordinates Insight International and Insight Focused Therapy in The Netherlands. She works as a psychologist and counsellor since 2000 and teaches seminars at home and abroad, including Insight Focused Therapy. She is also part of the Insight International team in Europe. She is married and is the mother of two beautiful little kids.

Anita Terlouw

Anita Terlouw is working as a counselor, and also as a seminar teacher for Insight Focused Therapy, at home and abroad. She is married to Bert van Middelkoop.

Petra van Harten

Petra van Harten works as a psychology teacher at the CHE – Christian College in Ede. She has worked as a psychologist for years and has worked with addicted people in Bonaire. She is also involved in Christian politics in the Netherlands.

Marrie Zuidweg


Marrie Zuidweg works as a pastoral counselor and as an IFT counselor. She is married to Ad and has two grown up children. She has her own practise which is called Topazion.