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Marian Bridget Conolly

Marian Bridget Connolly is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and comes originally from Dublin, Ireland. Now living in the northern town of Frederikssund in Denmark since 1978. She trained as a General Nurse in the Mater Misericordiae Hospital Dublin, Ireland, and in Denmark. Later Marian took an education as a Kindergarten Teacher (Børmehavepædagog) in 1987.

From 1994-2001 she Studied Psychology at the Copenhagen University and has both a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Psychology.

In 2006 Marian received her Diploma from the European School for Abuse Related Pastoral Counselling (ESARPAC). Marian is now a teacher in this school in Denmark, India and Egypt. Pauline Skeates taught as extern teacher in ESARPAC in Kolding, Denmark in 2004.

Marian is now the Chairwoman for the committee of ESARPAC/EPSICC Association in Denmark. We work to get ESARPAC, this specific training for survivors of sexual abuse certificated in Denmark.

Marian has 10 years clinical experience as a Psychologist working with adults suffering from chronic effects of childhood abuse. She has earlier work experience with medical patients in Sankt Elisabeth Hospital. She also worked as a Kindergarten teacher in Denmark..

Marian has attended Pauline Skeates seminars since 2002 and organized and partook in the first International School from level 1-7, in Denmark for Insight Focused Therapy (IFT). Marian organized this school in Magleås which is centered in the lovely woodland area just north of Copenhagen.

Marian is very happy to continue to assist Pauline, Sandy and Karin. She has incorporated IFT in her work and finds it a powerful tool. This July she attended the Advanced Model held in Schladming, Austria 29th June-1st July 2012. The subject was on trauma treatment and very relevant for her clinical work.

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